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I was in graduate school when I had my first child. I was young and healthy.  I ate all of the right foods, took my prenatal vitamins, exercised throughout the pregnancy, and had a fully natural birth, refusing all medications. It never occurred to me that my son would be anything but perfect. I had dreams of an adorable, snuggly baby who would essentially play at my feet while I researched and wrote my dissertation.  

I was gifted with the first part of my vision: Sam was/is beautiful. He was born at 9lbs 5oz with a full head of auburn hair and bright blue eyes. The rest, however, remained frustratingly elusive.  Sam had extreme colic – For the first 6 months of his life, he writhed and screamed from 4:00PM – midnight. He started hand flapping at 3 months old.  He had seizures at 18 months. He had constant ear infections and his stools were loose and burning. Sam also had hyperacusis, which means that loud noises were terrifying and painful for him.  Birthday parties, movies, parades, all were too loud – too overwhelming – too scary. As such, socializing was difficult, and that was the most painful part of all.

Sam was diagnosed with autism at the age of four. I was told by both my pediatrician, and the Yale Child Study Center that there was nothing we could do for him, and that more than likely he would continue to regress and eventually be institutionalized. 

I am the daughter of an oncology nurse, and I was brought up to revere doctors and the medical profession as a whole, but these doctors had failed me.  I felt totally alone and totally abandoned.  In that moment, I realized that I couldn’t rely on anyone else to help my child. 

I decided that I needed to become my child’s medical professional – I had to do whatever it took to heal him.

Lucky for me, I had just finished my doctorate in Italian and French literature, so the notion of going back to school was not a scary thing for me.  I started out with biochemistry courses, because intuitively, I knew that was where I needed to begin, and ended up with a master’s in Human Nutrition.  Along the way, I studied and received certifications in homotoxicology, BioSET, and Quantum Reflex Analysis among others, anything that would help my child to heal. 

Sam lost his diagnosis when he was eight.  He is now in graduate school getting a PhD in chemical engineering. He is a fully functional, beautiful man.  You would never know he once had autism, or seizures, or any other disability. 

Althea Health and Welness


Lauren Lee Stone, PhD, is the founder of Althea Health and Wellness.

Lauren came to Bioenergetics in the search to heal her own children, and chose to make it her career after experiencing its success first hand. In addition to a B.A. from Yale University and a Ph. D. from Cornell University, Lauren has a Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Lauren holds advanced certifications in Homotoxicology, BioSET and Quantum Reflex Analysis, and is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a Board Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, and a distinguished member of the American Association of Integrative Health.

Lauren is also a board member of Epidemic Answers, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to reestablishing vibrant health in our children and ourselves through education, empowerment and prevention.

Lauren has a private practice in Homotoxicology and nutrition located in Westport CT, although she works with clients nationally and internationally.

Lauren is author of Everyday Immunity: A Wellness Primer, and co-author of the book Brain Under Attack: A Resource for Parents and Caregivers of Children with PANS, PANDAS, AND Autoimmune Encephalitis.


Our family started seeing Lauren when my oldest child was showing a wide array of gut, immune, skin, and behavioral symptoms and my second child was starting to develop immune and developmental symptoms.  Lauren guided us through a program of nutrition, gentle detoxification, and allergy desensitization that rapidly and powerfully improved the health and well-being of my children.  My children lost all of their symptoms after working with Lauren over the course of several months and have been healthy and vibrant ever since.  Lauren is brilliant and I learned so much from her at each and every visit. She is a kind and compassionate healer who cares deeply about her clients.  Since first working with Lauren over ten years ago I have sent dozens of friends, family members, and acquaintances to Lauren--she is one of my top recommendations for anyone who has a child with any kind of immune, behavioral, developmental or other chronic health challenge. 

Beth Lambert, MA
Executive Director, Epidemic Answers and The Documenting Hope Project

Author, A Compromised Generation

Co-author, Brain Under Attack

Lauren has an incredible depth of knowledge and insight about the effects of how immune-system dysfunction impacts neurodevelopmental disorders. I often send my health-coaching clients who have children with autism, ADHD, SPD, OCD, PANDAS and Lyme to her for help with an integrative approach to healing. Lauren's compassion, knowledge and ability to work with long-distance clients make her a favorite practitioner of mine!

Maria Rickert Hong, CHHC, AADP
Books: Almost Autism + Brain Under Attack

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Lauren for the last 15 years not only as a colleague but a trusted advisor and clinician for my son. Her level of professionalism, dedication and commitment to helping others is unparalleled. Lauren’s depth of knowledge in bioenergetic medicine, homotoxicology and nutrition makes her tops in the field of alternative medicine. I hasten to think where my son would be today without her guidance, clinical skills and dedication to helping him heal and recover. We are truly blessed and forever grateful.

Sheila Ring Reed, LCSW, CHHP, BEP, CH

For over a decade, Lauren has been my "go to" practitioner for a wide variety of health-related concerns. These issues have ranged from establishing a daily supplement program to determining the cause of complex symptoms. Lauren's extensive knowledge base, her command of current technology, her ability to quickly assimilate information and her dedication to heal her patients, make Lauren an undeniable treasure. I trust Lauren implicitly, as she treats me as she would herself. I know, without question, that I leave her office having received the same amount of care and attention, kindness and compassion that each of her patients receive. It is an enormous comfort to know that Lauren has the ability to identify conditions and treat them safely. 

Aileen Speight

Since 2011 we have actively sort Lauren’s help for an alternative solution to our health issues. We have been able to put our full trust and confidence in Lauren and really appreciate the way she has helped and guided our whole family. Issues such as hives after vaccinations, slow thyroid function, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels to digestion issues have all been helped in our family with the utmost professionalism. We have recommended Lauren to many of our friends and they have also been helped with issues such as asthma, eczema and migraines. Seeking Lauren’s guidance is our first step to any new health issue and I could not be happier with the alternatives she has suggested for us! Debbie

Our daughter, Sophia, regressed into autism at 18 months old.  She lost her words, became extremely sensitive to sounds and was lost in her own world.  The changes were sudden and drastic, but we acted quickly to have her evaluated and began early intervention therapies.  At age three, Sophia transitioned into the preschool at our local elementary school where she continued receiving therapies such as speech, OT, PT and special education.  However, Sophia did not progress much and remained nonverbal for the next two years.  Then when Sophia was five, through a happenstance conversation with a coworker, I learned that diet and biomedical interventions can help reduce the symptoms of autism in some children.  This was an absolute shock for us and our pediatrician downplayed the potential saying these interventions “simply don’t work”.  We trudged on, reading and learning.  We went organic and removed gluten from our daughter’s diet and within two weeks she was able to jump for the first time ever.  We were encouraged by this and removed casein next.  Over the course of the next 3-4 months, our daughter started saying words. 

When Sophia regressed, she began having respiratory issues, a lingering cough and even came down with croup every spring and fall.  Now understanding that there was a medical component here, we decided to take Sophia to a local immunologist when she was seven.  The doctor ran bloodwork and discovered that her immune system wasn’t creating antibodies efficiently on its own and as such she had several underlying viral and bacterial issues that were wreaking havoc on her body, including Bartonella and Babesia.  The doctor wanted her to do several IVIG sessions, but we decided to use a more holistic approach and opted for homotoxicology, at which point we reached out to Lauren, who was well known in my circles. 

Lauren is very kind, experienced and is also very intuitive and both Sophia and I took an instant liking to her.  Lauren worked with us to clean up some of the supplements that Sophia had been on for years and we then started working on Bartonella and Mycoplasma.  The change in Sophia over the last year has been incredible.  Sophia is 9 now and knows thousands of words.  Her comedic timing is spot-on and her sensory issues have been reduced significantly – Sophia even rode her first roller coaster last October and when she got off, she said “that was cool!”.  Sophia has stayed in the classroom for all of her classmates’ birthday parties this year and is currently learning fractions.  Her immune levels are rising steadily and her mood is so much happier.  We are looking forward to continuing on this journey with Lauren and can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

Adrienne - Norwalk, CT

Using Lauren for BioSET has way exceeded my expectations.  When I started going to Lauren, my main objective was to lower my food sensitivities and to be able to eat eggs again.  Not only am I safely able to eat eggs again, but I have also expanded my diet with other foods.  What I didn’t realize is how much Lauren was going to be able to help me improve my health overall.  I’ve been to a lot of practitioners and I am genuinely impressed with Lauren’s abilities, knowledge and tools for getting her clients on their path to wellness.  I would highly recommend her.   

Christine O’Day, FDN, AADP

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