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Healing the Emotional Body

Did you know that emotions can be measured in terms of vibration and frequency?   We’ve all felt the energy in a room change when a person enters charged with a specific emotional frequency, and how those frequencies emanate out looking for resonance and amplification. We have all felt the pressing weight of someone else’s…

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Why Viruses Mutate and What You Can Do About It

With so many new viral variants on the rise, I thought it might be a good time to re-explore the basics of how viruses function and strategies to stay healthy. Viruses are everywhere. By some estimates, viruses are the most plentiful organism on the planet. Did you know that between 4-8% of your human genome…

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Harvest: Fueling Your Body of Light

BioEnergetic Assessment

We all know that sunlight has the potential to power our houses through solar panels, but did you know that sunlight also powers our body?   Light is energy, but have you ever stopped to think about how our body uses the energy from the sun?  The answer is through our diet.   Green plants…

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Celebrating Summer

  Summer represents the time of light, energy, and renewal. We all feel energized when the sun is high, but did you know that natural light also boosts mood, focus, and cognitive functioning?  Studies in both the workplace and in the classroom, show that exposure to natural light, especially morning light, lifts mood, sharpens alertness, and improves…

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