Spleen LF, 90 capsules


NZ lyophilized glandulars and ethno-Botanicals support healthy spleen, immune causal chain function

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1 capsule dialy or as direcred by your healthcare pratictioner.

Casual Chain Ingredients: Zinc bisglycinate 12.5 mg, spleen tissue lyophilized (bovine) 250 mg, thymus tissue lyophilized (bovine) 25 mg, lymph tissue lyophilized (bovine) 25 mg, bone marrow tissue lyophilized (bovine) 25 mg, andrographis extract 10:1 (Androgaphis paniculata) 75 mg, astragalus extract 5:1 (Astragalus membranaceus) 200 mg, gynostemma pentaphyllum extract 8:1 (Jiaogulan) 25 mg, Rhodiaola rosea extract 4:1 (standardized 3% salidrosides 1% rosavins) 25 mg, proprietary immortal mushroom extract (maitake, reishi, agaricus blazeii) 100 mg.

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