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Gentle, effective, and totally non-invasive detoxification suitable for children and adults.

What is Homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology is the study of how toxins affect the human body, and specifically, how the accumulation of environmental toxins often informs the point of departure for disease. There are toxins all around us: pesticides and chemicals contaminate our food, our cookware, the air we breathe and the water we drink. When the body is unable to effectively excrete a toxin, it gets deposited deep in our tissues. Lead, for example, gets stored in our bones. Mercury and pesticides, on the other hand, get stored in the fatty tissue of the brain and the breast. Over time, the accumulation of toxins causes inflammation and eventually, disease.


Thus, when viewed from the homotoxicological perspective, many chronic illnesses such as autism, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer can be viewed as products of a toxic load syndrome. Practitioners of homotoxicology use customized homeopathics and nutritionals to isolate specific toxins, and eliminate them from the body. Unlike the allopathic medical model which often seeks to mask symptoms rather than get at the root cause of disease, homotoxicology promotes healing by strengthening the body’s own innate healing powers. Homotoxicology differs from classical homeopathy in that the practitioner of homotoxicology does not use single-dose, constitutional remedies, and relies instead on combination remedies which promote drainage and detoxification.

Homotoxicology is gentle, effective and totally non-invasive. Because homeopathics are inherently strengthening, homotoxicolgy is also an effective adjunct therapy to those pursuing conventional treatment protocols (prescription medications, antibiotics, chelation, chemotherapy, etc.).

How does it work?

Once a BioAssessment is performed, you will receive a customized protocol depending on your needs and goals, including combination homeopathic remedies, and nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals and herbals. Visits are scheduled and protocols are reassessed every 6-8 weeks until goals have been achieved.

Vibrational Medicine

What is Vibrational Medicine?

Usually when people hear the word “vibration” they often think of something “out there” or “airy fairy,” because we have been taught to see things on a physical level. However, vibration is a part of that physical level. Modern medicine is based on blocking enzymatic pathways, but when we look at vibration it is more at the level of physics.

The human body is an organism composed of various systems. These systems are made up of organ groupings. The organs are composed of tissue. The tissue is made up of cells. The cells are composed of compounds. The compounds are made up of molecules, and those molecules, comprising everything within our bodies, are made up of atoms. Remember this from primary school?

An atom contains a nucleus full of protons and neutrons. Orbiting the nucleus are electrons. The spin of these electrons is what gives a substance its vibrational frequency.

No two substances on the planet have the exact electronic spin (vibration). Our bodies recognize substances based on their atomic structure and/or vibration (frequency).

Vibrational medicine is resonance medicine. Do you remember the theory of resonance from school?Here is a simple experiment that demonstrates resonance: if you have two grand pianos in a room and you strike a chord on one of the pianos then lift the lid on the other grand piano, you will see that the same chord is vibrating on the other grand piano. This is resonance. Two things resonate if they contain the same vibrational factors. Have you ever used or heard the term, “I really resonated with him/her/that?”

There are specific studies showing the frequency of healthy tissue versus diseased tissue, and much has been documented on the subject.

BioEnergetic Medicine

Through testing modalities, we are able to see what substances the body “resonates” with. These can be microbes such as viruses that have set up camp and are supported within the diseased body. Or it might be a nutritional substance that the body resonates with that could help return it to its natural state.

Energetic medicine is just that — a way of tapping into the body to see the factors needed to bring it back to a state of health.

Vibrational Medicine is the foundation of BioEnergetic Medicine.

BioEnergetic Assessment

BioEnergetic Assessment

A BioEnergetic Assessment (BEA) is a non-invasive, computerized method of testing. BEA measures energy imbalances in the body by utilizing an electronic instrument called an electrodermal screening machine (EAV) to examine acupuncture meridians. BioEnergetic testing is founded on the principles of vibrational medicine. Once the imbalances are isolated, a customized program of nutritional, botanical, and homeopathic remedies is formulated to meet your individual needs.

Zyto Biocommunication

What is Zyto Biocommunication?

The Zyto biocommunication scan is a revolutionary bioassessment tool. Zyto utilizes a combination of quantum physics and advanced computer technology to assess where inflammation is occurring in the body, and how to best reverse the disease process.

Zyto Biocommunication

How does it work?

The Zyto library contains thousands of digital signatures representing an array of substances from allergens such as foods or pollens, to pathogens such as virus or bacteria, to toxins such as heavy metals or chemicals. Using the Zyto software, we can test individual clients for these and other frequencies to determine whether or not a specific pathogen or toxin is at play in the disease process. Similarly, we can scan to see what nutrients or medications would work best to counter inflammation and bring the body back into homeostasis. Although Zyto technology cannot be used as a diagnostic tool, it represents an extremely accurate means of assessing important underlying factors affecting our health.

The Zyto is a safe, effective, and completely non-invasive way to isolate toxins and determine which remedies will work to bring strength and vibrancy back to the body.

Zyto Biocommunication

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Know your body’s needs.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Quantum Reflex Analysis or QRA is a testing modality which uses both traditional acupressure points and muscle testing. When testing with QRA, the client palpates acupressure points associated with specific organs or organ systems in the body. The relative strength or weakness of the organ is then assessed using O-Ring testing. If the acupressure point tests out as weak, specific nutrients and/or homeopathic remedies are brought into the client’s field and tested against the organ to determine which combination of nutrients will reestablish strength and vibrancy in the weakened organ or organ system. QRA is based on the theory of resonant frequencies. All cells resonate at precise frequencies. Healthy cells resonate at much higher frequencies than do unhealthy cells. Cancerous cells, for example, resonate at extremely low frequencies. When you supply a weakened cell with nutrients that closely match its ideal resonant frequency, the cell rebounds and the body returns to homeostasis.

QRA and Supplement Testing

QRA is not only an amazing investigative tool when it comes to assessing the strength and functionality of organs and tissues in the body, it is also an efficient means of determining which supplements, foods, medications, etc. are working for you, and which are not. This is especially important for children and adults with any kind of autoimmune dysfunction as they are extremely sensitive and frequently react poorly to recommended protocols, even if labs indicate that the supplement or medication in question is required. The mechanism behind QRA is simple: supplements or foods or medications that are working for you will make you strong. Those that the body is reactive to, will make you weak.

 QRA is extremely accurate and totally non-invasive. 


First developed in Germany, Laser Energetic Detoxification (LED) offers a safe, but extremely effective way to facilitate detoxification. Specific homeopathic frequencies isolated by the Zyto are imprinted into a glass vial and used as a filter for the laser treatment. The process is called photonphoresis, and it targets both the major organs (liver, kidney, brain) as well as toxic focal points (scars, concussed areas, etc.), in order to encourage the detoxification of environmental and emotional toxins.


Q: What exactly is EAV testing?

A: EAV stands for ElecroAcupuncture According to Voll. EAV is a form of BioEnergetic testing.

Energetic BioAssessment is a nonintrusive, painless method of energetic testing which measures energy imbalances in the body by utilizing an electronic instrument to examine acupuncture meridians. It can then determine which homeopathic, botanical and nutritional supplements will bring about balance to the body.

Q: Why is BioEnergetic Assessment Useful?

A: Our bodies are being compromised daily by the assault of chemicals, heavy metals, toxins and viruses from the air, the environment and everyday stress. Balancing bioenergetic patterns requires detoxification as well as nurturing and rebuilding the cells of your body. Herbal and homeopathic treatment assists your body in eliminating cellular- stored toxins and new, incoming toxins. As your body is cleansed, the rebuilding phase begins during which cells are provided with adequate building blocks in the form of botanical, homeopathic and nutritional supplements to sustain the healing response and release stress.

Natural healing remedies differ from regular medicine in that they stimulate a healing response. The correct remedy produces a “resonance” between your body and the substance administered as a therapeutic principle. This resonance stimulates the body’s natural healing ability and enables Qi or Vital Force to flow freely.

Q: Is BioEnergetic Assessment Diagnostic?

A: It must be understood that while the evaluation is capable of detecting energetic imbalances that may be associated with past, current or potential illness, it cannot predict and does not diagnose the physical presence of illness or disease; nor does it presume to treat or cure any such illness. By United States law, diagnosis and treatment are considered the practice of medicine, and fall under the sole jurisdiction of licensed medical doctors. A practitioner who is not a licensed M.D. cannot use or implicate the evaluation as a diagnosis or treatment for any specific illness.

Q: Is BioEnergetic Assessment painful?

A: Absolutely not. BioEnergetic Assessment is a noninvasive, topical test usually performed just on hands and feet.

Q: Since my child started the homeopathic regime products I have noticed a runny nose & coughing. Is this normal?

A: Yes. Once the detoxification process starts, excretion in all forms can begin. Usually it will only last a few days and generally will be mild. Reactions are considered a positive sign that the body is working the way it was meant to be.

Q: My child has been especially emotional lately, what is this about and what do I do?

A: The body is a flow system and once the toxins begin to move out, emotions can arise and feeling can emerge. Support this process by giving plenty of water to help move out the toxins and either give Relax Tone or Rescue Calm to ease these moments.

Q: How fast can we expect to go with detoxifying our child?

A: The body is built to heal itself and with this protocol it will only go as fast as the body allows. We are not pushing or forcing the toxins out. The body, when unblocked, will naturally rid itself of toxins.

Q: How often should we be seen in your office?

A: Ideally on a monthly basis to monitor your progress, however telephone consults are offered. We ask that you go no longer than 2 months for an EAV test.

Q: Do I need to do any lab work?

A: No, we can energetically assess you utilizing our EAV machine and give you your results in the office. Additional lab work maybe ordered separate from our process with a recommended practitioner.

Q: How difficult is it to take the supplements?

A: Most tinctures are given in juice and are not noticeable.

Q: What is Qi or Vital Force?

A: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi (pronounced “chee”) is considered the basic life force or energy in the human body. When the flow of energy is blocked for any reason, there is a disruption of health resulting in pain or disease. Through proper stimulation with nutritional, botanical, homeopathic substances as well as flower essences (emotional support) and body work, blocked energy can be released and health restored.

Q: Do I have to change everything in my life?

A: Some healthy changes will be suggested in an effort to help your body handle factors such as stress, environmental toxins and food toxins.

The extent to which an individual may be helped depends on many factors including the nature of the energy imbalance, its duration and the willingness of the individual to participate in the healing process. Rather than a passive approach to health we encourage and assist you to become a responsible partner in the process of health maintenance enabling increased vitality and a stronger, healthier life.

Preparing for your Homotoxicology Appointment

Thank you for scheduling your first Homotoxicology appointment with us! In order to make the most out of your appointment, please read the following:

Your initial Homotoxicology appointment will be approximately 1 1⁄2 hours in length. Please plan accordingly.

Prior to Your Appointment Send:

  • Completed client questionnaire and release form (this can be found on our web-site or we can email it to you). This gives us time to plan the best course of action for your health.
  • Copies of recent and relevant medical records and lab results.
  • A complete list of all medications and vitamins you are currently taking (please continue to take all prescribed medications and vitamins).
  • A current picture of yourself/your family member to keep in our files. (We will be happy to take one for you if you do not have a recent shot).

For Your Initial Appointment:

  • Drink lots of water – very important for testing purposes.
  • Be sure to wash your hands removing any lotion, oil or dirt to ensure accurate testing.
  • Bring all containers of medications, vitamins, nutritionals and enzymes you are currently taking.
  • Bring any of the information above that was not sent previously.
  • Bring a list of questions you would like answered and goals you would like to achieve.
  • Bring a notebook so you can make a note of what is discussed.
  • If the appointment is for your child or if you are bringing your children, we invite you to bring a favorite DVD to play during the appointment.
  • We will be happy to reschedule your appointment should you or your family become ill. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy; however, we take into account that emergencies arise and will waive the cancellation fee if you cancel due to illness. Please do not come to the office if you are symptomatic, we have many clients who are very sensitive to illness.
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