Vivid Vision for Vibrant Health

Recent studies confirm what ancient medicine has known for millennia, that the body is not merely a sum of its component parts, and that emotional health plays a critical role in our physical health.

If we understand that both words and thoughts have frequencies, and that these frequencies are translated into physical reality within our cells, we can begin to take control of both our happiness, and our health.

To this end, creating an individualized, vivid vision for health is a foundational part of the healing journey at Althea Health and Wellness.

The Vivid Vision for Vibrant Health is based on the notion that “All things are in life are created twice; first in the imagination, and then in reality.”*

Just as companies create a vision statement to define who they are and where they are going, so too should individuals, families, and partners. Creating a vivid vision is easy and incredibly impactful, especially when it comes to health, healing and ongoing happiness.

Take the Vivid Vision For Vibrant Health below

Vivid Vision

*I would like to thank Mary Morrisey and Jennifer Huyde for first introducing me to the concept of the Vivid Vision.

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