NES is a bioenergetic scanning system that easily and accurately reads the body’s energetic field, detecting where there are deficiencies or distortions, indicating a low energy or degenerative state, and where there are energy spikes indicating inflammation or stress. The system then calibrates these discrepancies and creates protocols consisting of curated frequencies designed to balance and strengthen the body.

In addition to being incredibly elegant and accurate in reading what is going on in the body, the NES system takes the guesswork out of choosing which specific frequencies will best balance the body and curates a series of “infoceuticals” to correct and bring the body back into homeostasis.

SET is a gentle, drug-free means of eliminating food intolerances and environmental sensitivities. Although based on the principle of the energetic body as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine, BioSET utilizes the latest in modern computer technology to screen and to treat clients, thereby offering the community a unique melding of ancient wisdom and modern science in the form of a totally non-invasive healing modality.

Einstein famously once said, “Everything is Vibration.”

Although to many this concept might seem “out there,” the vibrational essence of all things is very much rooted in science. Basic biochemistry teaches us that all matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms. Each atom contains a nucleus filled with protons and neutrons, and spinning around this nucleus are tiny bundles of energy called electrons. It is the spin of these electrons that gives a substance its own unique frequency or vibration.

This includes all aspects of the human body. Did you know that our cells communicate through frequency? And that the quality and effectiveness of this cellular communication is dependent upon the coherence of our body’s energetic field? “Static” in the form of environmental toxicity or infectious exposures or even emotional stress can disrupt the field causing alterations and disruptions in our communication pathways.

In addition to revitalizing energy stores and reestablishing cellular coherence, the NES system does an excellent job of accessing and healing the emotional body – something that is too often overlooked in Western medicine.

NES scans are incredibly quick (under 2 minutes to complete) and can be accessed remotely (ie, in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule – you don’t need to make an appointment to scan)

In addition to taking the remedies orally, clients can also use a frequency generator (a small handheld device called a MiHealth) to increase the potency of the remedies and to support the body with other healing frequencies.

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