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My approach to healing is one that relies upon the wisdom of the body. I believe that the body knows best, and the most important thing we can do as healers is listen closely to what the body is saying, and to follow that lead.

In my experience, when assessing most complex conditions, there is rarely a single causal factor. Instead, the foundation of the disease process is a complex amalgam of multifactorial and multigenerational factors. And when we dig into these factors, we find that the vast majority of disease expression, from autism to cancer to autoimmune dysfunction, is the result of toxic overload resulting from the accumulation of stressors. Stressors can be anything from environmental exposures like chemicals and heavy metals, to emotional stressors like losing a loved one, to infectious agents like Lyme or Epstein Barr. Stressors can also be transgenerational, passed down from parent to child from generation to generation.

My work involves unraveling these stressors in order to access both the core of the issue, as well as all of the layers surrounding that core. To do so, I rely on a combination of bioenergetics, nutrition, and gentle detoxification. The first step in my process is always support. Food is fuel, and without the proper nutrition, our biochemical pathways cannot and will not function properly. Nutrition encompasses both the foods we eat, as well as nutrients in the form of supplements to help support the natural flow of the body and push pathways that are not functioning optimally. Supporting the organs of elimination to facilitate drainage and detoxification is also a foundational part of every protocol.

Once the body is nutritionally sound and draining properly, we begin the work of gentle detoxification. Just as stressors come in many forms, so too the process of detoxification is different depending on the individual and their unique story. For this part of the journey, I typically rely on targeted homeopathic remedies rather than conventional medications. Unlike most pharmaceuticals, homeopathics are inherently strengthening to the body. Whereas pharmaceuticals take over and do the work for the body, homeopathics do quite the opposite. Just like we sometimes need to jumpstart a car battery, so too homeopathics provide the spark that initiates the healing process. Once initiated, it is up to the body to complete the work.

Vision work is also a key part of the healing process in my practice. Healing the emotional body is as important off healing the physical body, and in many ways, I find it hard to separate the two. I ask that all of my clients take use the Vivid Vision for Vibrant Health as a foundation tool to map out their healing journey. From my perspective, having a vision for your future self is imperative, as it is always so much easier to find your destination when you have a clear idea of where you want to go.

I love my work and the families I serve. I have been so fortunate over my years in practice to have worked with so many amazing and inspirational individuals. I see our work together as a partnership- we share the same goals and level of commitment to see those goals through. As such, my role is really that of a mentor – I create a space for healing by providing the education, direction, and the tools. The body does the rest, and it is the client that creates the magic by putting in the work.  Healing is never a passive exercise – it requires energy and commitment.  

What to expect from our practice:

  • A commitment of at least 6 months: Depending on the issue, protocols often require a commitment of between 6-18 months.
  • A desire to learn: Education is at the core of my practice, and there is always more to learn.
  • A commitment to communication: Monthly phone consultations and frequent email check-ins are a must in my practice. I like to hear from my clients; if something is working, great! If not, I need to know about it, sooner rather than later.
  • A willingness to invest in the healing process: Investment is not just monetary, although money necessarily comes into play. Investment also includes the willingness to set aside time, energy and space in your life to accommodate the healing process.
  • A willingness to change when change is needed, and to let go of old habits that no longer serve you in the pursuit of your goals.
  • A commitment to practicing compassion, for others, but especially for one’s self. This is especially important for parents. We all do the best we can with the knowledge we have at the time. Focusing on regret or blame is never constructive, and takes energy away from what should be your most important goal, which is what you are creating in the present and the future.

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